High-altitude balancing suit VKK-15T

High-altitude balancing suit VKK-15T

Flying gear for arranging of necessary con­ditions for vital activity and efficiency during flight. VKK-15T operates as both balancing and venting suit.



Overalls and jacket are made of sanitary fabric, tensioner bladder inside the overall: ventilating system off takes is inside the overall.


Maximum adaptation altitude - 20 km.

Residence time (in case of emergency encap­sulation) at a height of more than 12 km - 3 min, including 1 min at a height of 20 km.

Maximum working pressure in tensioner blad­ders is 0,5kgs/sq.cm.


Sizes: The suits are available in 12 heights (4 sizes) for pilots whose height is from 156cm to185cm and waist size is from 85 to 117cm.

Materials: high-tensile flame-retardant fabric.

Weight: not more than 4,5 kg.

Service life: 5 years.

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