The management of the company

  • Averyanov Alexey Andreyevich
    Deputy Director General

    Averyanov A. A. Was born on 12.08.1975, graduated from Moscow state university of design and technology (MSUDT), the speciality “Computer-aided design…

  • Zotov Vladimir Anatolyevich
    Deputy Director General

    Zotov V. A., was born on 29.05.1958, in 1984 graduated from Moscow institute of consumer goods industry, the speciality “Sewn products…

  • Pamshev Alexander Ivanovich
    Deputy Director General in charge of military hardware

    Pamshev A. I. was born on 24.09.1962, in 1984 graduated from Kiev high military school, the speciality “Aviation electro- and instrumentation…