Aviation life belt ASP-74VS

Aviation life belt ASP-74VS

The ASP-74VS aviation life belt is an individual survival means of the flying personnel and is intended to keep the crew member afloat after water landing.


The belt design provides its compatibility with belt seat system, attached parachute, systems, life outfit and equipment of the flying per­sonnel. It doesn't hinder the flying personnel from official duty performance and provides safety dur­ing parachute jump. The pilots can climb on life raft or lifeboat without any assistance. The belt has two independent rubber floats filled by carbon-dioxide from cylinder. Gas supplying system starts operating manu­ally or automatically after water landing. The pilot also can inflate the rubber floats by mouth through the special valves.

Basic Specifications:

Stock of Positive buoyancy - 235N (24 kgs).

Life belt can operate within range of temperatures from -30 °C to +50 °C .

Provides lifting the pilot with equipment weighing 1 177 N (120 kgs) maximum.

Color: in expanded form rubber floats of alarm (orange) color.

Materials: fabric with polyurethane coating and fabric of Capron, Capron ribbons, metallic and plastic details, metallic acces­sories.

Weight: 1.35 kg.

Affective life: 8 years

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