Anti-g suit PPK-3/PPK-3-120

Anti-g suit PPK-3/PPK-3-120

PPK-3 is designed for fighting aircraft pilots. It increases the limits of G-loads tolerance in «from head to peMs» direction.


PPK-3 consists of the reinforced clothing made in the form of belt with abandon bladder and 2 trouser legs with the bladders in thigh and shin area.

Under G-loads, extension by compressing the front wall of the abdomen and muscular groups of the lower limbs, as well as precludes blood shift­ing to the lower body parts that results in sufficient blood filling of the upper body parts.

Abandon bladder fixes the internals and prevents them from displacement.

Bladder pressure is changed by aboard automatic pressure control unit according to G-load value.


PPK-3-120 provides:

Increasing limits of man's tolerance to flight G-loads up to 3 G.

Capable of operating through a temperature range - 30 °С to +50 °С (relative air humidity up to 98%).

Weight of set: not more than 4,5 kg.

Life service: 8 years.

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