High-altitude balancing suit VKK-15K

High-altitude balancing suit VKK-15K

High-altitude balancing suit VKK-15K - Gear for fighting aircraft pilots, providing their life support and improving perform­ance, for flights over land.


Overall and jacket are made of high-strength un­inflammable fabrics. Two types of balancing blad­ders inside the overall: tensioner (TD) and anti-g device(AGD). bladder. TD bladder is connected to oxygen set and AGD bladder is connected to auto­matic pressure control through common connector. The suit has a soft ventilating system with a con­necting pipe to connect to air conditioning system aboard.


Exercise tolerance limits of G-loads increase -not less 2,5 units.

Maximum working pressure in AGD bladders -0,9 kgs/sq.cm.

Maximum working pressure in TD bladders is 0,5 kgs/sq.cm.

Maximum adaptation altitude (in case of encap­sulation) - 20 km.

Residence time (in case of emergency encapsu­lation) at a height of more than 12 km -3 min, including 1 min at a height of 20 km.

Weight: not more than 4,65 kg.

Service life: 5 years.

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