Balancing vest GK-6

Balancing vest GK-6 provides necessary conditions for pi­lot's vital activity and efficiency during high-level flight.

PPK-6 together with compensative vest GK-6 operates as high altitude balancing suit.



GK-6 consists of stretch-proof shell , in its case there's a compensative tensioner bladder.

GK-6 bladder is connected to PPK-6 bladder by the switch located on the vest.



GK-6 together with PPK-6 protects the pilot from reduced atmospheric pressure in pressurized cockpit and in depressurized cockpit at a height of up to 12 km in a short time (up to 3 min, including 1 min at a maximum height).

Maximum working pressure in the bladder is 0,5 kgs/


Sizes: The suits are available in 8 heights for pilots whose height is from 155 cm to 191 cm and waist size -.from 66 to

Materials: flame-retardant fabric, polyurethane-coated fabric.

Weight: 2 kg.

Life service: 5 years.

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