Bullet-proof vest BG-6

Bullet-proof vest BG-6

Bullet-proof vest BG-6 is an individual bulletproof vest pro­tecting pilot from small arms bullet fragments and from repeated ones. BG-6 is used to­gether with flight and protective gear.


BG-6 consists of independent front and rear pads, connected to each other by belts, protective collar, groin apron, removable sleeves. Made of ballistic fabric armor pads provides pilot efficiency, not limiting his mobility and keeping aircraft apparatus within striking distance. Natural ventilation of under-garments volume is provided .


BG-6 is capable of operating through a tempera­ture range - 30°C to +50°C (relative air humidity up to 98%).

Protected area - not less than 0.4 sq.m.

Vitals additional protection area - not less than 0.2 sq.m.

Barrier force from bullet fragments and from repeated ones (at velocity up to 550m/sec) - not more than 10 mm.

Sizes: The bulletproof vests are available in four sizes

for pilots whose height is from 156 cm to 188cm and

waist size -from 85 to 120 cm.

Materials: heat-resistant, moisture-proof and ballistic fabric.

Weight: from 4 to 5.5 kg.

Life service: 4 years.

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