Demi-season flight suit KP-2

Demi-season flight suit KP-2

Demi-season flight suit KP-2 - Features:

Winter flight suit consists of jacket and trou­sers. Jacket has a 2-way sliding fastener and a wind-proof belt.

Jacket has a liner, a removable fur collar, and a hood.

Removable parts fastening system (buttons and buttonholes) makes tearing the buttons off impossible.

Sleeves with inside cuffs (pull with a shirr) are adjustable by the half-belt with a Velcro fas­tener, lower part of jacket and trousers belt are adjustable by side seam half-belt.

Special buckles can adjust trousers suspender.

There are semi-ring holders for high fur boots on the side seams.


Sizes: 44-62, height 158-188 cm.

Materials: flame-retardant fabric.

Warmth-keeping lining: «Hollofiber - Soft» (density 100 gram/m2).

Weight: not more than 4000 gr.

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