Aviation life belt ASP-6А

Aviation life belt ASP-6А

Aviation life belt ASP-6А is an individual sur­vival means of the flying personnel and is intended to keep the air crew member afloat after water landing. Features:

The belt design provides its compatibility with fastened seat systems and parachute suspension system, with flight gear and protective equipment for air crew personnel. The belt doesn't impede the pilot's performance of duty and doesn't have an influence on parachute jump safety. ASP-6А also doesn't impede the pilot to climb on life boats and rafts.

The belt has two non-communicating buoyancy bladders filled by carbon dioxide bottle. Gas infla­tion system snaps into action automatically after landing on water. Bladders can be fed through the special valves by the mouth

The main features:

Positive buoyancy after inflation of the floats 235 N (24 kgs).

Capable of operating through a temperature range - 30°C to +50°C.

Provides lifting the pilot (full weight with equip­ment up to 1177N or 120 kgs) from the water.

Time of gas inflation system activation - not more than 30 sec (air and water temperature 25°C).

Color: The bladders are signal (orange)-colored in unfolded form.

Materials: polyurethane-coated capron fabric, in­flammable fabric, capron ribbons, metal and plastic details, metal accessories.

Weight: 1.35 kg.

Life service: 5 years.

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