Anti-g suits PPK-6

Anti-g suits PPK-6 (PPK-6К) is an individual flying gear for fighting aircraft pilots, providing their life support and improving performance during flight.

It extends the range of loads in "head- pelvis" di­rection and reduces their negative influence on human organism. PPK-6 is used with oxygen de­vice set ККО-15LP cep.2 and PPK-6К is used with oxygen device set KKO-5. PPK-6 together with compensative vest GK-6 operates as high altitude balancing suit.


The suit consists of wide-belted trousers and in­flatable welded bladder. The PPK-6 design differs from PPK-6К design only in the hose length and the presence of connecting pipe.


PPK-6 (PPK-6К) operates as a gear that in­creases the range of G-loads in "head- pelvis" direction not less than by 2-3 Gs. PPK-6(PPK-6К) is capable of operating through a temperature range - 30 °C to +50 °C. Maximum working pressure in anti-accelerating forces bladders is 0,9 kgs/

Sizes: The suits are available in 16 heights (4 siz­es) for pilots whose height is from 155 cm to 191 cm and waist size -from 66 to 102 cm. Materials: flame-retardant fabric.

Weight: not more than 2,1 kg.

Life service: 5 years.

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