Mask series North-2

The modified mask series North-2 made of polarfleece - modern high-tech material. Polarflo not "rolls" over time, retains body heat. It is a synthetic wool made from polyester, its structure is soft, fine and breathable material, it is anti-bacterial, anti-static, Hypo-allergenic. While the details of the mask that touch the face is made of cotton fabrics, additional insulation layer of wool batting, that is, natural fabrics. Filter recovery (net block) executed in the form of a canister that is easily removed and installed in place.



  • mask provides the possibility of executing a person in-house production operations in conditions of macroclimatic area with a cold climate according to GOST 15150-69 (CL) by limiting the lower temperature limit to minus 60° C;
  • the mask is comfortable when used in conjunction with winter headwear;
  • the mask provides easy and correct donning, ease of use, taking into account possible movements of the head and neck of the person during use;
  • aluminum bow strangulator to regulate the fit at the bow;
  • mask North-2 creates optimal conditions to perform regular work without difficulty, taking into account the duration of work up to 8 hours;
  • the mask loses its protective and aesthetic properties with repeated washing and treatment of alcohol or other disinfectant or cleaning solutions mesh block throughout the operating period.


  • for operation outdoors at low temperatures;
  • for sports, hunting and fishing at low temperatures.


Manufactured in three versions:

Mask North-2 - M21 Mask with soft headband
Mask North 2 - M22 Mask elastics
Mask North-2 - M23 Mask with helmet

Manufacturer: under the order

Material: polarfleece, cotton fabric, wool batting, plastic mesh, Velcro "contact".

Color: in stock

Available at the online store

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