Mask North

Mask North - Individual protection of breathing organs and face from cold, coarse particles of dust and sand.
Face mask North is produced from normal tissue. Know-how is in the filter, material is the secret. Filter provides the so-called constant process of recuperation. “A man heats the net with his own warmth, then breathes the air in and the net gets cold again. This process is going on as long as the man breathes. Filter may heat until +5+10, gets cold until -30. Consequently, the temperature in the mask is constantly above 0 degrees independently of the temperature of the external air.”
It is quite easy to prove the efficiency of the mask North. The procedure is simple but requires skills. The mask is fixed in two places – on the neck and on nape, therefore, it protects from cold not only lower part of the man’s face but neck and ears as well.
CJSC “SDPC “Dynaforce” is the only producer of the mask North.
۰ Provides comfortable labour and leisure conditions in cold weather (until minus 60 degrees Celsius)
۰ Protects from respiratory infections;
۰ Consists of cotton winterized fabric construction with sewed-in recuperator in the front part;
۰ Recuperator is the specially handled plastic net where the breathed-in air is being heated;
۰ The mask closes lower part of the face, neck and ears.
۰ The mask North is suitable for oil-producing, gas and any other industry, and agriculture as well, building and construction – all types of labour connected with outside work in cold weather, especially in conditions of Extreme North.
Weight: 200 g
Production: by order
Material: blended fabric, wood mixture batting, plastic net, touch and close fastener “contact”.
Colours: in assortment

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