The web-site of the medical branch of CJSC “SDPC “Dynaforce” is launched

RPK “Atlant”

The medical science development, discoveries of the laws of different systems of the organism functioning allow to work out and introduce into Russian health care the medical and rehabilitation technics of high quality, This technics heals the deseases previously considered to be incurable or difficult to cure. The last include infantile cerebral paralysis (ICP). ICP concerned with the nervous system deseases is the wide-spread cause of incapacity for work. Nowadays there are 3 or 12 children from 1000 are suffering from the desease. There are 100000 patients registered officially in Russia. However, taking into account frequency of babies born with indications of ICP, we may assume that there are 1.5 millions of such disabled children in Russia, and this figure is constantly growing according to statistics. CJSC “Scientific development and production center “Dynaforce” has manufactured the neuro-orthopedic rehabilitation pneumocostume RPK “Atlant”. The neuro-orthopedic rehabilitation pneumocostume RPK “Atlant” represents the new high efficiency generation of the reflexive-loading costumes. RPK “Atlant” is the high-quality scientific product of aviation and space technologies. When manufacturing it the company used the principles of partial-pressure suit construction aimed at performing of different mission tasks with high G force at high altitudes. The product is protected by 4 patents of the Russian Federation (№ 60256, 60257, 60258, 2266082). You may continue to site and get detailed information about the suit, please click the link, or the section Partners>Independent programs

Web-site start-up

“We were going, going and finally have come…” The site is launched. Unfortunately, not all the items produced by our company are put into the site catalogue. But we will try to do our best to remedy this omission.

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