The products of the company “Dynaforce” are comfortable and safe

In 2008 the special manufacture of JSC “Corporation “Pennon” celebrates the 50th Anniversary. One of the directions of the production of JSC is life-preserving devices. The items produced are comfortable and safe for people performing their duties in any environment – space and air, ground and water.

Since 1995 almost all functions of JSC “Corporation “Pennon” were performed by LLC “Dynaroce” which was reorganized into CJSC “SDPC “Dynaforce”.

Nowadays the special manufacture produces in quantity:

۰ Aviation equipment – marine rescue kit MSK-5, VMSK-4 and VMSK-15; anti-gravity costumes PPK3, PPK3120; full pressure suits VKK-6M, VKK-15K, VKK-15T; restoring gloves PK-1 restoring socks KN-4, air-ventilated suit VK-3M, aviation life belt ASP-74V;

۰ Different tactical gear – jerkins, bags, packs, camouflage coats, tactical accessories;

۰ Armour protection – armour vests, body armour helmet, shields and armour blankets;

۰ Different uniform – combinations, survival clothes, costumes.

However during the last decade market conditions changed, and besides production of traditional items in quantity the team of the special manufacture has begun engineering and promoting new items both on the Russian and the foreign markets. The emphasis is put on engineering and production of technically complex items of human survival and of equipment for extreme conditions. Legality of this activity of the organization is proved by the correspondent licenses of the Federal Industry Agency for engineering and production of armament and military hardware of 2007.

It’s possible to produce competitive items only if the company organizes all the complex of scientific and research, patent, engineering and testing works. These works demanded applying of the special manufacture to the organizations having professional scientific and technical potential. There are JSC “RPE “Zvezda”, Moscow aviation institute, Moscow state university of design and technology, 929 SFTS MD RF, FSI “13 SRDE of the Russian Ministry of Defence”, FSI “State RDE MM of the Ministry of Defence of Russia”, State scientific center of the Russian Federation IBMP RAS, FSUE “”CRIPMB”, RD of mechanics of NNSU named after Lobachevsky, JSC “Yakutagropromproject” and others.

Before the new items production the company should organize serious patent investigations and patenting. During the last years there were patent searches in 50 different directions, a lot of applications were directed for discoveries, over 40 patents were got for useful models, discoveries and samples.

Nowadays there are certain research and development works are being maintained. One of the most important is the engineering of body armour for air staff, aviation of MD RF – with cipher  “Life 1”. The specialists of the design engineering bureau have created the complex of body armour providing life activity of a pilot during a flight, providing rescue and survival in case of emergency escape. The special attention during the engineering works is drawn to the scientific work, and the data received is proved by further tests.

To protects air staff from light weapons bullet fragment and from armour fragmentation the aviation armoured jacket BG-6 with armour package of versatile textile protecting elements. The restoring jacket JK-6 is produced to provide the pilot necessary vital activity conditions for flight assignment performance at the height of 20 kilometers. JK-6 with the anti-gravity costume PPK-6 may be used as the height restoring suit.

To provide the air staff with appropriate vital activity conditions and working capacity during the flights assignment above water surface the marine survival complex MSK-6 is engineered. It saves even in water landing in a state of insensibility. New survival equipment ASP-6A and ASV-6 have the gas-filling system which is brought into action automatically when the pilot reaches water surface.

Air-ventilated suit creates comfortable conditions for the pilot. The suit redistributes ventilated air under the clothes individually. The above mentioned protecting equipment was given high rating during the complex of preliminary tests in 2007-2008, presented to the state joint tests.

In May 2008 flight suites KP-1, KP-2, KP-3, KP-1K were given high rating during the state joint tests. Military test pilots and test engineers of the 929th SFTS MD RF named after V. P. Chkalov together with our specialists have done overall estimate of flight equipment. The tests took place on the ground and in the air almost on all types of modern military aircraft planes. All the technical enquiry requirements were done (including incombustibility of suits). Even the requirement from the range of almost impossible: endurance of the equipment under the influence of speedy air flow with equivalent air speed equal to 1300 km/h with assurance factor 1,3 (the device of aerodynamic stand fixed the speed over 1480 km/h). Suits KP-1, KP-2, KP-3, KP-1K are recommended for phasing in for air staff of the Russian Armed Forces and for batch production (act № 16/707109023).

However, unfortunately, today the high quality and the unique technical, physiological, hygienic and ergonomic characteristics of items are not always the key factor to accept their supply and to pass them into service. There are a lot of producers of flight equipment on the protecting equipment market. These producers often unaware of the special requirements which their items should meet. And the air staff of the combat forces is still waiting when the pilot will not only look honourable, but will be sure that in case of emergency the protecting equipment will save his life and health. That’s why CJSC “SDPC “Dynaforce” is looking to cooperate with the concerned establishments, enterprises and institutions on the long-term and mutually profitable basis.

The article is published in the magazine “Aerospace  courier” (3 (57) May-June 2008).

Unveiling of the General Director, chief designer of JSC “RPE “Zvezda” G. I. Severin memorial

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