Project Mars-500 – 105 days isolation has begun

Project Mars-500 – 105 days isolation has begun

Company CJSC “SDPC “Dynaforce” is the official partner MARS-500, the part of the Federal space program. The project creators are intended to make an experiment of manned mission imitation (the flight to the Red planet), where the range of conditions will be modeled typical of such an expedition. It is run by the State scientific centre of the Russian Federation – the Institute of Biomedical problems, RAS under the aegis of the Federal Space agency of the Russian Federation and the Russian Academy of Science.

On March 31 the nest stage of the project has started – 105-days isolation.

The experiment is aimed at:

The aim of the workout 105-days experiment within the framework of the project “Mars-500” – is getting and analyzing of the scientific and technical information to organize perfectly preparation and efficient carrying out of the main experiment: all stages of manned mission to Mars.

The main aims of the experiment:

- Investigation of the physiological and psychological adaptation peculiarities of the crew to the conditions of the independent operations;

- Studying of the communication between the crew with the personnel of the Mission control centre of the experiment in changed communication conditions;

- Checking of the medical and technical equipment and life-preserving devices for the crew and scientific equipment;

- Clarification of the list and contents of the organization and methodology documents.


The data got after the experiment will be used for preparation and carrying out 520-days experiment modeling flight to Mars.


More information about the project “MARS-500” is available on the web-site of the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences IMBP.RU

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