Project engineering of the equipment for the participants of the IBMP project Luna-2015

On October 08, 2015 the meeting of the project Luna-2015 participants took part. It started on the Institute of biomedical problems, the Russian Academy of Sciences. The engineers of CJSC “SDPC “Dynaforce” also took part in the project. For a long time “Dynaforce” has been the official partner in engineering and production of personal hygiene items and equipment of investigators-volunteers  of IBMP. The bright example of this partnership is the collaboration experience in the project “MARS-500”.

In spring 2015 the heads of the Institute addressed the General Director of CJSC “SDPC “Dynaforce” Andrey Anatolyevich Averyanov and asked to take part in the project “Luna-2015” aimed at engineering and production of the special equipment for the ladies participated in the project.

The representatives of CJSC “SDPC “Dynaforce” met several times with the ladies participated in the experiment and discussed the requirements concerning the equipment – design, colour, comprehensiveness. The aim was not quite easy for the engineers of “Dynaforce”: the suits should be comfortable, bright, with the certain range of sewed chevrons with the names of the key partners of the project, ladylike (as all the participant of the experiment “Luna-2015” are women).

The engineers of CJSC “SDPC “Dynaforce”, Valery Vasilyevich Memruk and Elena Petrovna Trushina worked hardly and for a long time analyzing modern market of clothes in the style “military”, studying the assortment of fabrics and garment accessories produced in Russia and abroad, making up sketches of possible variants of the equipment suits.

The first sketches of suits. The author: leading engineer of CJSC “SDPC “Dynaforce” Memruk V. V.

The ladies-participants of the project Luna-2015 took an active part in the discussion of the sketches and the details of the future equipment. As the further cosmonauts would have a hectic time over 30 measurements were taken from each participant, combinations were sewed without fit tests, taking into account the form peculiarities of each woman. All chevrons, sewed-on pieces, design elements were hand-made.

The combination sketch confirmed by the group head Shiguyeva T. A.. The author: the leading engineer of CJSC “SDPC “Dynaforce” Memruk V. V. Prepared by: the engineer of CJSC “SDPC “Dynaforce” Trushina E. P. 


The photo: the ladies-participants  of the project “Luna-2015”, the leading engineer of CJSC “SDPC “Dynaforce” Memruk V. V., engineer Trushina E. P.  The photo is provided by the Press relation service of IBMP.

“The high professional level and experience of our employees is the guaranty of our products high quality. And the happily smiling ladies-participants wearing our combinations is the greatest reward for us, the engineers and producers of flight equipment” – says the General Director assistant of CJSC “SDPC “Dynaforce” Vladimir Anatolyevich Zotov, the head of the projects “MARS-500” and Luna-2015.

CJSC “SDPC “Dynaforce”

is founded on the basis of the special plant JSC “Corporation “Pennon”. It has been producing and delivered armament and military equipment meeting Moscow region (the Russian Federation) needs since 1958.

The engineering bureau CJSC “SDPC “Dynaforce” got the order from the Ministry of Defence, the Federal Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, These organizations are the main clients of the enterprise. CJSC “SDPC “Dynaforce” worked out and produced in quantity the certain range of body armour items for air staff:

۰ marine life-saving kits;

۰ aeronautic life-saving garment;

۰ anti-gravity and compensative suits;

۰ flight uniform.

Annually CJSC “SDPC “Dynaforce” conducts research and development work making new products for the International Space Station crews. Different items for cosmonauts are produced by the order of the Federal Space Agency.

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