CJSC “SDPC “Dynaforce” took part in the preparations for the experiment of IBMP “LUNA-2015”

The new scientific experiment “Luna-2015” starts in the Institute of biomedical problems of the RAS, the State scientific centre of the Russian Federation.

The project is aimed at:

۰investigation of psychophysiological aspects of a woman’s organism adaptation to the conditions of 8-days isolation in the air-locked object, and the influence of G force “head-pelvis” when the Centrifuge of the Short Radius is rotating;

۰ testing in conditions of isolation of the complexes if scientific equipment which further will be used on ISS;

۰ preparing of the young scientists and specialists of SSC RF-IBMP RAS for making independent large-scale scientific experiments where a human takes part, further creation of close-knit team which will be able to draw up and realize the promising fundamental and applied researches in space physiology and medicine.

The main directions of the investigations:

۰ psychological and psychophysiological investigations;

۰ immunity and metabolism investigations;

۰ sanitary and hygienic and microbiological investigations.

The first day of the experiment the women spent in the ground experimental complex as listeners. They tried new equipment provided by the long-term IBMP partner, the Russian company CJSC “SDPC “Dynaforce” ( http://www.dynaforce.ru ). The company’s products always have the highest quality required in the space branch, have the unique technical, physiological, hygienic and ergonomic characteristics.

CJSC “SDPC “Dynaforce” is the official partner of the project “Luna-2015”.

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