Cartridge-pouch M515

Cartridge-pouch M515 for small foot spit
Use: high angle cartridge-pouches series “M-500” are produced for placing, assembling on tactical gear and carrying individual equipment and elements of munitions. May be used with the series of load bearing vests “Lynx”, “Bittern”, “Otter-3M”, “Catfish”, Adapted for amphibian operations and journeys.
۰ Produced for carrying of small foot spit.
۰ Cutting edge protection is provided.
۰ fast withdrawal;
۰ Polymer lock of “Fastex” type from shatterproof and frostproof polymer material provides safe fixation;
۰ Mounted on equipment with the help of 2 metal lock-clips
Weight: 80 g
Material: “Oxford” 600D, belt ribbons
Colour: Olive, camouflage, black

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