Luggage bag S-85

Luggage bag S-85 - Keeping and transportation of individual equipment.
۰ 6 volumes: basic and 5 outer;
۰ Bottom with a insert;
۰ Pockets with grommets;
۰ Portable shoulder belt. Put off – is used as waist or saving belt;
۰ Belt handles;
۰ Zip-through under the peaks; The “trains” on locks;
۰ Name pocket;
۰ Zip-through protecting belts. Hold equipment over the bag;
۰ Butt pockets – for foot gear;
۰ Back from butt and medium pockets – the “chink” for gloves, newspapers;
۰ Side pockets with zip-through;
Weight: 1550 g
Material: “oxford nylon”, bet ribbons, plastic locks, zip-through
Volume: 85 litres
Colour: black

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