Winter flying suit M160

Winter flying suit M160

Winter flying suit M160 - Purpose:

Uniform for air force and civil aviation personnel.


Jacket and semi-coveralls.


Front slide fastener. Natural fur collar.

Four external and two inside pockets.

Sleeves with knitted inside cuffs.

Name and flight stripe fastening spaces.


Removable shoulder-straps.

Two big patch pockets.

Breast pocket for mobile.

Knees are enforced with cover patches.

Color: dark blue, sage-green.

Sizes: 44-66, height 158-200 cm.

Materials: fabric - «DK - 41-004» (100% cot­ton), Warmth-keeping liner: «Thermofiber».

Jacket weight: 1400 gr.

Trousers weight: 950 gr.

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